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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Opportunity to Teach New Missionaries

Letter Received November 4, 2009:

dear family

i got all the emails and thank everyone for writing to me. it was so good to hear from every one. well, i will start out. there is not much going on here. pretty much all the same typical mtc stuff. we are pretty much just reviewing every thing now. we have gone over all the spanish principles and are not just trying to learn it all any more. something cool that is new, they have newbie devo tonight where they do an example of teaching and its for all the new missionaries that come in. normally they have the teachers be the missionaries that teach it, but this week is the first time that they let any missionaries teach it, and me and my comp and district are the first missionaries to have to teach all the new elders and sisters. that's cool, huh! well, this sunday we have to usher for the sunday devo and that's really cool cause some elders in my district have to say the prayers in front of the whole mtc, so thats cool. but there isn't much new going on here, that's pretty much all the exciting stuff. but any who, that's cool about the zune just make sure that you send a speaker with it cause otherwise i have no way of listening, and a charger please and thank you much! but ya um i am pretty much out of time. i will write some letters if anyone gets my emails befor six i am going to check this at four fourty five, so if you can write back today do so. ha ha. love you all, i am going to leave just enough time to check this. i love you so much, can't wait to talk to you.

love and miss you all
love your son and brother

elder nelson

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