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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Safe Arrival in Chile ... So Tired and Nervous!

Letter Received 17 November 2009:

Dear Family:

Well sorry I didn't get to call you back as I planned.  Everyone was crowding around security so we had to get in line.  I tried to call from Peru but, yea, it didn't work.  But they wanted to have us write you and they will send them tomorrow to you.  But it is crazy here.  It is nothing like I pictured it would be.  I haven't met my trainer yet but that's coming soon and they tell us that we are going out to work tonight, so we'll see how that goes.  I am so nervous right now, I can't even explain.  That was the longest plane ride of my life and I only have slept, like, literally two hours in the last two days.  I wish I could have called you back but at least I got to talk to you when I did.  It sounds like P-day is going to be on Monday so expect that.  People drive crazy here!  There are little houses centimeters away from each other, it's crazy.  But everything is good so far.  Love you guys.  Can't wait to tell you more.

Elder Nelson

Elder Nelson with President and Sister Chavez

We received this map with the email.  We assume it means Elder Nelson's first area is Talca.

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