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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Great Zone Conference Inspires

Letter Received February 22, 2010:

Dear Family:
Hey, it sounds like you guys have been staying really busy and everyone is doing well.  This week went pretty well for me.  We stayed really busy and have been working really hard to find some new people.  We have been having a little luck.  This week we also had zone conference which went really well and I actually was able to learn because I could understand Spanish and what everyone was saying.  I learned a lot of things that I really needed to hear and it kinda reanimated me and I realized that I just need to continue with what I have been doing.  Keep the faith and keep working hard and try the best I can and the Lord will bless me and I know that I need to do more of what I can to show more love for the people. 
But yeah, we had a pretty good week because we found some good people.  But one fault is that we are having a hard time with this family that I have been teaching they have been really hard to find this week and they didn't come to church so we have to figure that one out.  But other than that we have been doing a lot of contacts.  Everything has been going really good here since conferernce and I am getting in the routine more and more for the mission.  
I have some really good news.  I GOT A BIKE FINALLY!  So, we can actually now see everyone that we need to see and expand our horizons and contact farther out.  So, that is really nice and I won't be getting as tired from walking all day.  As for the weather, it is still really hot here and not slowing down at all, ha, ha.  Sounds like you all are doing really well there at home.  Me and my comp are getting along really well.  I know that Brit is going to love the mission once he really gets going.  It is so crazy!  I have already got five months on the mission.  I don't feel like I have done enough in the time that I have been on the mission but it is all going really well here.  We have been really working hard to find a lot more people and we are having some tough investigators though that are having a hard time believing in Joseph Smith and they are having a hard time with the Book of Mormon, but they seem to be coming slowly.
But, that it is pretty much all that is new this week, nothing too big I guess.  Everyone is getting really close to baptism.  So, I think that once we get that first one, they will all just start rolling in.  Keep your fingers crossed.  
I will send a picture of my bike next week.  I forgot to take one before we left the house, so I will do that next week, ha, ha.  Sounds like everything is going really well at home and seems to be pretty busy.  But that is good because it keeps life exciting, it also makes time go really fast. But that is awesome that Lyndsay and Justin found a car that is working really well.  That is awesome that she is staying busy and Justin and the kids are doing really well in school.  That is kinda a bummer that Dad and Lexie have to go out of town again this week that doesn't sound fun at all.  But it will all work out for the best I know that.  Cool about the bathroom!  Send some pics, ha, ha. That's cool for Lexie that she got a different car.  What year is it?  Well, got to go but glad to hear that everyone is doing really well.  Not much I can tell you guys pretty much the same deal every week but we'll see if this next week goes different, ha, ha.  Glad to hear from everyone, keep them coming.  Love and miss you all much.
Elder Nelson

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