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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Surviving an Earthquake!

Elder Nelson called us today and let us know he is okay.  (What a relief!)  He sounds really good and positive.  The power and water are both not working but members have been great about offering the missionaries food if needed. 

Elder Nelson said that when the earthquake hit, he woke up to everything shaking like crazy and just staying in bed because it is the strongest thing in the house and he is on the bottom bunk.  Everything in the house shook and stacks of Book of Mormons came tumbling down.  The house is still standing with minor damage.  The backyard fence was the only thing that crashed down.  Elder Nelson said he is about a 10 minute drive outside of Talca and his area was not as hard hit by the earthquake as Talca was. 

He said that the people are being nicer to them than ever before.  The missionaries always say hello to everyone as they walk by and now people are responding with a hello of their own.  Elder Nelson and his companion have stayed busy checking on the members and families they visit to see that they are alright. 

We are so grateful Elder Nelson and the rest of the missionaries were kept safe and are doing well.  We pray for them and all of the people of Chile that they might be blessed through this tragedy.

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