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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Teaching a Family and In a Rut

Letter Received February 15, 2010:

Hey Hey:

This week has gone by really fast.   Happy late Valentines Day!  It was kind of weird here, it seems like the holidays aren’t really that big. Christmas was definitely bigger in the states.  Like you don’t see anything that resembles that it is a holiday. But yeah, this week went really fast, it seemed like before I knew it was Sunday.   

This week was a kind of disappointing for people at church.  This week we waited for around ten people to show up for church.  We only had two people show,  but still working hard, it seems that everyone just had unusual circumstances that wouldn’t allow them to come to church.  But that is how opposition works; it will get you how ever it can. 

We taught some good lessons this week it sounds like the problem that a lot of our investigators are having, is that they don’t have any desire and it is something that is hard to teach because they all have different things that they need to do.  But it all seems to come down to desire for all of them.  But we are going to figure it out.

Me and my comp are getting along pretty well but seems like I am kind of in a rut right now that I need to get out of.  I just need some more animation, I think, so today I am really trying to relax.  But that family that we are teaching is awesome but they seem kind of hard to find because they are really busy. Also, it is really hard to get all the people in the family to be there all at the same time because they are all busy like we are as a family.  We have been doing a lot of contacting and all we have found is a couple of people, it seems that we have been sharing once with the people then it is hard to find them again.  

We found this lady way out in our sector the place is called Carlos Gonzalez and it is way out there like an hour walk away, I kid you not. But we found a lady that was baptized like fourteen years ago and hasn’t gone to church for about that long and she has a daughter that is thirteen that we have only shared with them once, but the daughter is like a baptism waiting to happen because we invited them to church and it was on Saturday and they were like you mean tomorrow?  We were like yeah, and the daughter was like, “Can we please?” and she was like “I don’t know” because the dad doesn’t like religion but they both want to come to church because the mom wants to reactivate and the daughter wants to come to church and the mom wants her to be baptized. So yeah, they weren’t able to go to church, one reason was because of the dad, and also it is really far to the church from where they live.  We are going to teach them some more this week and see what’s up and how we can help them along.

We have been working really hard but I need to get out of this rut that I am in, and bump it up a notch, because I know that I need it.  But yeah, that is really this week, just some appointments and some contacts.  It’s all going good and I am praying a ton.  It sounds like you all have been really busy.  It sounds like Britt’s farewell went really well.  I know that he is going to do awesome out in Australia.  As for my bag, I use it every day.  It is awesome!  I love it.  It’s just what I needed.  It sounds like everyone has been really busy with work.  Ha, ha welcome to my world, just kidding. Just remember that you need to make some time for yourselves or you will not like yourself so much so make it fun and keep good attitudes and make time for yourselves because it will make all the difference.  Sounds like a lot of time spent out of town. I am excited for Britt.  Tell him good luck out there and why he is out there I want emails from him and tell him that the MTC is hard but just soak it in because I found that I didn’t know that I loved the MTC till I left, so love it. But sounds like you guys are all well and having good wholesome fun, ha, ha. But I love and miss you all a ton.     


Elder Nelson

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