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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Things are Picking Up

Letter Received February 8, 2010:

Hey everyone:

It sounds like this week everyone has been really good and busy but yeah, this week has been really good but also just like the typical mission work, knocking doors and teaching lessons.  But it has been really good this week because we have some really good people that are progressing well and have been being prepared for us. You can tell the difference. Because I feel that we have been having some help from the Lord on where we should go more because we have been finding a lot more people.

I and my comp found an entire family that we have been teaching and they came to church this week and we only found them this week and they are really excited about the gospel.   They had so many questions that we were at their house for 4 hours teaching them just asking questions which was really awesome!  Because then you get to know their doubts and what you need to teach them. They where like, "We feel that this is what we need in our life.  We need a change."  And they want to know about where we are going in the after life because their Grandpa just died and they needed to hear from us. And we found them just at the right time and we taught them the First Vision this week also and I love teaching them because the Spirit is so strong and I feel real sincere love after we leave their house. But that is about it for that family but they are a family of four. But the youngest kid is five and she is so cute but is really shy.  They are awesome! 

I have other investigators that I want to tell you about but don’t have enough time to tell you about all of them. But it has been really hot here but that is nothing new ha ha but that is just the way that it is here. Today was combios and I and my comp are staying for at least one more change so at least together for at least another six weeks. We are getting along pretty well right now I and have been doing a lot better and working hard but also been a little discouraged with some of our investigators.  They will come around, they just need time so I am staying optimistic. We are really starting to get everything moving from starting from scratch so finally we are getting more help from our ward at being good friends for our investigators.

That is pretty much all that is new for me here but it sounds like everyone is doing well and staying busy. Sounds like you guys had a pretty good trip to the temple and Salt Lake. It’s weird to me to think that you guys have snow. Because it is so different here but yeah. Oh yeah, guess what!  The cold showers continue and now our sink is broken so now every time we turn the water on to our house there is a lake in our bathroom so we are going to try and some how get that fixed and the gate to our house is broken so we are in the one house in the area that is crumbling down ha ha but that is the mission for you.

I don’t think that I am going to recognize the house when I come home because little changes to you guys is like a big change to me because I am not there. But that’s cool.  Change is a good thing.  Sounds like the Super Bowl party was really good.  Sounds like Britt is ready to go. He is going to work miracles in the field.  I just know it. He is going to have a ton of success. But sounds like everything is good there.  It was awesome to hear about everything this week kind of felt like a long one and I am missing you guys. Love you all a lot and miss you tons thanks for everything.

Love, your favorite missionary,

Elder Nelson

We asked Elder Nelson for some ideas for a package to send and he came up with the following:
A big jump drive
Sour patch anything sour patch
Not much chocolate because it melts
Guitar picks and a kapo ask dad or Jace they will know what I mean
Lots of socks
Some good scripture markers they are called hi gliders they are really good
Swedish fish
Starburst stuff like that junk food wise
Work gloves for service
Rice krispies
More cds like josh groban
Cds are always good I would like
And any church dvds are good too.
Some guitar tabs any because I am sick of playing all the same ones ask Jace.

But that’s what I have written down.  Thank you so much! 

Elder Nelson

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